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Lockwood united
Methodist church
open hearts, Open minds, open doors

   We need to pray for each other—it really works! Clip out the prayer concerns and put them on your fridge or in your Bible—make it a regular part of your day!



Prayer Concerns

The family of August Harrington

The family of Ruth Wiley

(Travis’s grandmother)

LaRue Lemons                               Travis Baker

Dr. Clarence Mabee                             Don Jay

Retha Jones                                     Don Mabee

Madge Thompson                            Billy Davis

Larry Davidson                     George Davidson

Sue Jay                                      Sandra Thomas

Rick Hefling                                         Jim Shirk

Loretta Zach                              Owen Nentrup C.W. McGuire                              Scott Beckley

James Schilling                         Eldon Harrison

Harvey & Myrtle Guinn         Nancy Evermon Kevin Stump                                  Lance Eaton

Alan Graves                                   Nancy Good Suzanne Epperly                     Pam Archuletta

Ray Lambeth                          Danny Wickham

all caregivers

a cure for Ebola

all military personnel & families

all who suffer at the hands of ISIS

our missionaries, at home and abroad

our government & its leaders,

and, as always,

God Bless the U S A

Lockwood United Methodist Church                                                                                                                 Church 232-4728
PO Box 241                                                                                                     Pastor Travis Home:232-5007 Cell:417-214-6738
Lockwood MO 65682                                                                                                                    email: ptravisjames@aol.com